Service Groups

Service Groups are the community engagement vehicle to champion new processes and define value-- from the user point of view--and service levels. The primary goal of the service groups is to improve overall user satisfaction with services that support the work that is done every day at the university.  Click here to find out what a Service Group is at Yale.

Background Information

Response Tracking Log

Service Groups - Members and Recommendations

  • Accuracy of Unit Financial Statements

Recommendation Set #1 − 10/29/14

                    Recommendation Set #2 − 12/1/14

  • Arranging Travel, Business & Special Events

  • Faculty Recruitment, Appointments and Promotions

Recommendation Set #1 - 11/21/14

Recommendation Set #2 - 1/16/15

Recommendation Set #1 - 10/27/14

Recommendation Set #2 - 11/24/14

Recommendation Set #3 - 12/19/14

  • Purchasing Goods & Services

  • Sponsored Awards Management

  • Student & Temporary Hiring and Life Cycle Management

Recommendation Set #1 - 12/10/14

Recommendation Set # 2 - 1/26/15

Materials for Service Group Leaders

This section contains background materials for the work of the service groups, meeting material templates, documents which outline the work of the service groups and information regarding the training portfolio.  While some of this material is available on the public Workday@Yale website, much of the detail information is contained only in this section and is meant as a repository for Service Group Leaders.   

Background Materials

Service Group Leaders Contact Information
Service Group Listing
Service Group Matrix-Detail
Service Group Implementation Phases
Service Group Overview
Service Group Charter

Meeting Materials

Agenda Template
Meeting Evaluation Form

Work of the Service Group

Service Group Scope of Work
Service Group Workflow
Workday Strategic Objectives


Training Timeline