Reporting Updates

Finance Data Mart Reporting

Status Definitions

  • In Progress – Issue is in progress for solutioning
  • Testing – Resolution is in the testing phase
  • On Hold – On hold because request is not currently supported by Workday or incomplete information from requestor

Current Activity

Area Report or Data Description Status
Business Assets Asset Tag Details

Report that will facilitate tag placement on assets by the units

In Progress
Business Assets Assets Net Book Value by Cost Center - Yale

Add new fields to calculate Accumulated Depreciation for disposed asset

On Hold
Business Assets Find Assets by Cost Center - Yale

Add new fields to accommodate Accumulated Depreciation for Disposed assets per the attached

On Hold
Financial Management Capital Project Status Report

Report to monitor capital projects in progress

In Progress
Financial Management SOA Actuals and Commitments vs Financial Plan - Yale

Parameters are not exporting with report to Excel

On Hold
Financial Management Assets and Liability - Yale

An issue was discovered - Spend Authorizations, with a cash advance and personal PCard expenses that have been repaid, are not appropriately offset on the Assets and Liabilities - Yale report

On Hold
Financial Management Financial Statement - Yale

The Assets & Liabilities section of this report is pulling activity instead of balances. This report will likely be sunset as the information is available in other financial management reports. Final decision will be communicated when finalized

In Progress
Financial Management Accounts Receivable
  • Aging Report with point in time capability
  • Contact information to help with collection activities
On Hold
Financial Management SOA Reports

Ensure time period prompts available are consistent

In Progress
Grants Effort Certification Statements for Printing - Yale

Rows in report not adding up to 100%

On Hold
Grants Accelerated/Decelerated Spending on Awards – Yale

Add "Lead Principal Investigator” to the report

Grants Award Closeout Dashboard

Facilitate the award closeout process

In Progress
Grants Find Awards and Grants - Yale

Add Fund
Add Revenue allocation to the Output

In Progress
P2P Find Supplier Invoices Condensed - Yale

Allows users to find Supplier Invoices summarized by the Cost Center and Spend Category in any stage of the process with flexibility to filter on many different attributes

In Progress
P2P Find Purchase Orders Find Purchase Orders by CC

Fix exclusion of fully invoiced lines

P2P Find Supplier Invoices

Add paid date range

In Progress
P2P Find Expense Reports by Cost Center - Yale

Adding $ prompts

Payroll Reporting on Payroll Costing Details

Report that will improve the efficiency of monitoring payroll costing allocations, alleviate unnecessary data provided in the current reports, and reduce the current costing allocation reports from three distributed to one

In Progress

Resolved Issues

Area Report or Data Description Resolution date
Financial Management Report

Distributed Report Issue Resolved - Find Posted Journals by Cost center was previously pulling in journal lines to the results is now including only the journal headers as it was intended to.


Financial Management Report

Distributed Report Issue Resolved - Find Journals by Cost Center was summing the total of the journal lines incorrectly.

Account Holder Report Account Holder Report issue fixed

Previously, terminated employee name(s) failed to appear on the Account Holder Payee Trend Report, this was corrected. Now, instead of a null value, you will see the terminated employee name(s).

Grants Subaward Invoices In progress

Add Columns to drilling capabilities (Supplier Contract / PI / Awaiting Step in Progress

Account Holder Report Commitments
  • An issue that caused inaccurate GSPS commitments has been resolved.
  • An issue with F&A commitments on sub-awards set up in FY18 has been identified and corrected. The correction will appear on reports run on October 18, 2018. 
Payroll Reporting for PAAs in Progress

Ability to view PAAs in progress (BP In Flight) that impact a cost center regardless of initiating user 

Financial Management Detailed transactions

Add Customer information for A/R transactions

Financial Management Budget to Actuals for Management Office Reporting - Yale

Add Beginning Balance to Budget Column

Financial Management SOA by Mission - Yale

Add period & time period prompts