F-O Workday Terms

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Headcount   The number of workers in an organization.
Human Capital Management (HCM)   Workday's HCM application unifies Human Resources, Benefits, Talent Management, and Recruiting.
Inherited Roles   Inherited roles are the default roles provided by Workday, including "Employee" and "Manager".
Initiate   Initiation is the first step of a business process. 
Initiator (formerly known as Preparer)   A person who uses Workday to create a transaction (if on behalf of another Yale employee, the preparer is the delegate).
Job Profile   This is the name of the generic job description that lists the summary of responsibilities associated with a position. The Job Profile is the basic job description used as a foundation for creating a new job requisition. These titles are created and maintained by Human Resources. 
Journal (formerly known as Journal Staging Area or JSA)   An accounting entry that is recorded direct to the general ledger (vs. through an operational transaction such as an Expense Report, which ultimately creates a Journal as well). These direct Journals may be correcting entries, expense allocations across multiple accounts, ISP billings, external billings, accruals, or other miscellaneous entries.
Location   A worker's work location. This value influences many processes, including compensation and staffing. 
Manager   Has the ability to view relevant job data on direct and indirect reports, etc.
Marital Status Change   Workday Benefit Event Type. If you wish to make a benefits change due to a marital status change for a partner currently covered, you must first change your marital status in Workday.
Organization   In Oracle, Organization refers to the "O" in PTAEO and Yale's Organization Hierarchy. In Workday, the term Organization is a basic building block for managing information that is both financial and non-financial: can be organized into hierarchies to enable reporting at different levels, and roles and security can be assigned to any level of the hierarchy. In Workday HCM, Organizations are used to group employees based on memberships, associations and/or characteristics.